Our Company

About us

Company WELLE PRINT was founded in 1973 from Vasilio Tompazi and offers completed services in the sector of box manufacturing and graphic arts.

It undertakes every type of printing works, manufacture of boxes, stands and paper applications. The lasting many years experience and the confidence that enjoys in the market, the attention in the quality and the most excellent service, ensure company's continuous upward course.

The members of company have been specialised in Germany with studies relative to the object, to the economic sector and are acquainted with four foreigner languages.

Taking into consideration the increasing need of market for more qualitative services, the company combines:

  • Excellent know-how
  • Modern organisation.
  • Crewing with the best personnel

Our Production Line


Welle Print is equipped with the most modern machines ensuring so the most excellent specifications of production according to the international standards.

Company employs personnel that combines know how, experience and specialisation, giving accent in the quality, in the speed of production as well as in the detail.

Company's privately-owned installations, machines of the last technology and specialised manufactures of paper ranges Welle Print in the leading companies of Greece and Balkans.

Why you should trust us...

Undeniably the company constitutes one from the pioneer enterprises in the area, as it was one from the first that applied the manufacture of printed boxes microvelle.
We use only certified materials of high specifications that overlap the regulations of hygiene and safety, respecting both the human and the environment.
Our continuous investments in material and technical infrastructure guarantees and ensures the quality of manufacture, the perfection of the performance accompanied with competitive prices.
The extensive network that company has with privately-owned means of transport ensures consequence in the agreed times for delivering the orders.

Welle Print Company remains always near to customer, respecting his particular needs and devoted to offer the particular solutions. It gives accent in the detail that makes the difference.